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tour-de-sikkim. part II

.. Well yeah, another trip to Sikkim is on the cards now. Its been due for quite some time.

Been almost a year since i have actually seen a snow clad mountain peak or felt the fresh air around, forget about being there !! 

I keep browsing through my photograph archives.. collection since i was bitten by this travel bug ..maybe reliving those moments. Huh, years are passing too fast for me. So many mountains to cover, so little time left.

The whole point behind writing all these is I'm visiting North-Sikkim in ten days from now. So u know the countdown has already began. The plan took shape in such a fast pace that the excitement is yet to sink in. North-Sikkim is such a divine place. It has something in store for every season. Snow, flowers and beautiful terrain. Every inch of the whole place is mesmerizing. Any photography enthusiast's dream destination.

My tour itinerary has the Gurudongmar lake.
For the lesser mortals here are some handy information for quick reference - "Gurudongmar Lake (also known as Gurudogmar Lake) is one of the highest lakes in the world located at an altitude of 17,100 feet (5,148 m). It lies on the North side of the Khangchengyao Range in a high plateau area contiguous to the Tibetan Plateau. The stream emerging from the lake is one of the source-streams of the Tista River."
The terrain around is often compared with Tso-moriri Ladakh.
This is what Wiki has to say about the terrain of the place  "Due to the extremely inhospitable terrain and the difficulties associated with reaching the place, the lake sees only a handful of visitors each year" 

A fellow traveller has told me "At North-Sikkim the journey is the destination. Enjoy every moment" :)

Thank you all who have shared their pictures with me to be posted in by blog.  Its time now to post my own. Thank You once again.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I wanna feel the gust of wind on my face & don’t care about the speed limits.
I wanna go trekking in the Himalayas & give a damn about deliverables and paychecks.
I wanna get up late on a Monday morning.
I wanna sabbatical every year.

I wanna be the poster of an old rodeo!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

monochrome moss

Staring pointlessly at a clear blue sky above me and standing at once in two different countries, I feel the breathe of the hills. A yellow moon. Silence. Peace. Whispers.
“O listen! For the Vale profound”

The strong wind from the west is guiding the white orographic clouds with it. Towards the east. We plan to go the same way.
Like the ever continuous waves in an ocean, this wind seems to come back every time, with new found vigor. Stings. Faltering the discolored collars of my rugged jacket. Helpless skullcap. Lungs pumping for a little more supply of oxygen. Short of breath. It hurts. It feels good too.

Standing somewhere in the Singalila range, on my left hand resides with pride the ice capped peaks of Nepal Himalayas. Mt. Everest; Sagarmatha as they call it here tops it all. “Show us your face once for heavens’ sake!!” We scream..
In the right stands our own Mt. Kanchenjunga. In between standing me, sandwiched. Dry golden dead grass underneath my shoes vanishes in the horizon, rest with the clouds. A hint of green in between.
Down below stand the forests of West Sikkim. The hide and seek of sunrays. Sans light. Sans darkness. Silence prevails. Moist wood all around. Weeds growing happily. Some are poisonous. Rain is not an alien here; it comes without any prior notice. The sound of a flowing river, the aroma of orchids. The chirping of wild birds. ‘Oriole’ bird.

Days here turn to darkness faster than our imagination. Unprecedented silence in the air. Rain gods conspiring against us, it seems. Have to settle down for the night fast. A fear of the unknown creeping in. The forest lies ahead, to eternity. Trees standing in row, as if soldiers standing in some kind of a war formation. In silence. Waiting for a signal.

No food left in our bags. Some chewing gums. A few sips of juice maybe. Water pouch.
The flowing river nearby does not only make the terrain green, it makes it dangerous. The presence of moisture in air and on rock. Near complete darkness. A bruised leg. Death trap as you may call it.
Burned tree trunks. Burned souls. Witnesses of some battle from the pages of history staring at our nakedness. Smiling at us maybe. We can only smile back. Huh! Barbs & spikes fighting with my jacket. Leaving a mark. Descending at a pace more than the fall of darkness, making us forget the pain of the circumstances. The joy of freedom over escaping from a near death situation. It all started with “Sir ji, very few people have ever tried this before” some SSB officer cautioning us, laughing at our back.

Nature cut rocky steps, roots of some unknown plants, fossils, smelly moss. Monochrome moss. Nature is still conspiring against us. & what are we doing?? Overcoming the darkness and the fear of the unknown by the spirit of returning home. Sound of the flowing river accompanying us. We have to reach where it hits base. The hunger for food is long dead. A lot of questions in our head. Very little answers. No solutions. Sonam “Common, give us some clue”

It always seems like a never ending movie. Recurring. But amazes me every time. Like some addiction, intoxication. Hallucination. Running, descending. Nothing else matters. Nobody speaks. Only footsteps. Phantom listeners.

[West Sikkim. Route: Uttarey – Phokte (via Chewa Bhanjan)& back in a day. Time taken: 16 hours. Distance: 30kms. Trail: Rocky & Moist (Tough). Guide: Sonam]

Pinch of Imagination & Dramatization added.